March 6, 2023

A new era: The rise of the simple logos

Simple logos have shown a steady increase within recent years, with companies now embracing more subtle and minimalist designs.

5 Reasons why

1- Memorability

The truth is, the fewer the elements the easier your logo will be to remember, leading to a higher brand recognition. Our daily lives are surrounded by countless brands, so the less visual information you have to contend with the better.

2- Visual Comfort

Complex logos may be intriguing, but they’re also visually overwhelming. With our vision under more strain than ever before, simplicity plays an important role in visual comfort.

3- Digital landscape adaptability

Simple designs ensure companies they’re logo will adapt perfectly to any digital environment, such as mobile devices. They also allow for the creation of new brand assets, such as apps, which require a very small number of pixels, while still conveying your brand identity.

4- Uniformity

They are a great way to guarantee your brand design is uniform throughout a range of online and offline mediums, from your email signature to the image printed on your letterhead.

5- Modernization

Simplifying your logo by removing elements that don ́t add value, or provide specific information, leaving a simple selection of colors and shapes, represents your commitment to staying “up-to-date” and on the cutting-edge with your target audience.

Many people also consider that this style of logo adds more depth to the meaning behind your brand image as simplicity is often associated with confidence, stability, and sophistication

So, if you are starting a new company or considering a rebrand, a simple logo design may be the way to go.