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Our client, an internationally renowned chef, known to have served the queen of Denmark, wanted a recognizable brand that was inspired by his Venetian roots. The goal was to create an approachable identity that transpired personality and quality in all aspects of the restaurant - ambience, concept, decor, printed materials and digital presence.


The restaurant business is a competitive industry, and sometimes serving delicious food isn´t enough. We incorporated the Venetian Lion into the logo as a unique symbol of identity and power. The brand identifies an inspired Italian restaurant/bar, where good food is paired with good wine and served in a friendly atmosphere.

Bacaro lion sketch guide lines

Lion of Venice

Fresh past being made
Bacaro wordmark in white

Old style Italian typeface

Bacaro wordmark

Extra costumization

Branding made personal

To complement the Venician lion icon, ornaments were added to the FM Bolyar typeface to give the Bàcaro logo the historic Italian look, reflecting the restaurant’s brand voice, personality, and values. Your brand colour palette and interior décor influence how hungry your diners can feel.  All these elements combined build an emotional connection with guests by making everything about your restaurant feel cohesive and comfortable.

Bacaro logo stamp
Pasta and veggetablesEnjoying a Bácaro meal
Bacaro business cards
Bácaro coasters
Bacaro Take-away packaging
Bácaro restaurant menu