Cerro Novo corporate folder wood paper texture detail

Re-branding of an
established brand

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Cerro Novo


Real Estate

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Brand Identity
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Cerro Novo is one of the long-established Independent Estate Agencies in the Algarve.However, with long establishment comes outdated material, and after 38 years of using the same identity, we were asked to rebrand their image in order to represent a higher range of properties.


The challenge was to maintain an already recognized icon (tree) and make it high-end. The new brand identity reflects the expertise of the company and better reflects the quality of their work, promoting their services to a wider audience.

Renewed Identity

For the icon we used the company initials C + N to form a vectorised tree, while also depicting roots as a symbol of establishment and expertise in the local area. The Font was customised with serifs to give it a classic look.

Cerro novo font customizationCerro novo font customization


Cerro Novo Logo
Cerro Novo corporate folder
Cerro Novo corporate folder wood paper texture detail
Cerro Novo stationary
Cerro Novo corporate folder open detail with business card and property display inside
Cerro novo 360º totem sign
Cerro novo exterior siggnage explained

Multiple sided totem.

Multi-directional signage
with new identity

The location of Cerro Novos offices are situated in such a way, that the Totem signage needed to be viewable from 3 different connecting roads, where potential client could be arriving from.
For this purpose we came up with a triangular faced totem (see areal view above). The logo part is a circular band embracing the tri-faced totem.

Cerro novo exterior office signage
Cerro novo property details window displays
Cerro Novo pin
Cerro novo Outdoor campaign
Cerro novo car decoration in vynil

Wide-range offer

Always keeping the client’s needs in mind, Cerro Novo developed a collection according to each type of property, providing buyers and sellers with a filtered collection of properties that are already within their area of interest.

Cerro Novo collections logos
Cerro noov Advert in Essential magazine

40 Years of
Cerro Novo

In celebration of an impressive 40 years in business we created a logo to commemorate the occasion and for Cerro Novo to include in all their upcoming marketing materials, taking inspiration from the C in the logo icon.

Cerro Novo 40 year logo
Person looking at Cerro novo sellers guide spread
Cerro novo sellers guide brochure
Person looking at Cerro novo sellers guide spread

Website re-design

When it comes to technology, there have been steady advances over the years, and these are leading to higher expectations from buyers and sellers. With this in mind, we designed a completely new website that features innovative and intuitive solutions, providing Cerro Novo´s clients with the best user experience.

Website services page on desktop
Cerro Novo homepage desktop display

Responsive design

Our responsive design approach is optimized and adapted for different devices. This allowed us the flexibility to design images, text and layouts that fit any screen, and this way we created uniformity and seamlessness throughout.

Cerro Novo homepage in mobile display

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