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Brand identity
Digital Strategy


The client initially contacted us to re-design their general brochure, as they felt the design was not attracting high-end clients. Following an assessment of their material, we explained their brand didn´t reflect a long-standing business. During an analysis of the financial market, we also discovered several other companies with similar logos. The new task became a company rebrand.


Abacus is a leading international financial services firm, so we decided to create a strong corporate logo that represented the establishment they had earned over the past 40 years. We added depth and unique meaning to now make them stand out from the competition and ultimately increase their recognition.


The meaning behind the icon

Gibraltar, a territory once referred to as “the motherland peninsula” by Churchill himself, has a thriving economy, largely based on financial services. The geometrical shape of the icon was inspired by Gibraltar’s famous rocky promontory, a true representation of longstanding strength and solidity.

Upwards, outwards and onwards

The inspired shape was inverted 180º to feature an upwards and onwards graphic feel, symbolizing “international reach”, financial growth and forward-thinking, as well as innovation which is at the heart of everything they do.

Gibraltar rockInspiration triangleAbacus triangle

Old Logo

Abacus icon creative stagesAbacus font chosen

Re-designed Logo (first stage)

Logo customization

The former logo’s typeface presented a thin and fragile font, that didn´t transmit establishment. The icon was very generic and outdated. We selected a bold typeface to transpire stability and used upper-case letters to suggest confidence. The font was customized with triangular cuts, based on the icon, adding an innovative and sophisticated touch.

Abacus font customization
Abacus font customization
abacus pattern and slogan. Trusted to deliver value
Gibraltar rockAbacus icon
Cerro Novo Logo

Stationery and
collateral re-branding

When it came to stationery, our main goal was to produce impactful material that would be recognized for its high-quality and fine details. The luxury business cards feature 3 layers, with a distinct patterned and textured paper on its outer layers and a vibrant orange paper in its centre, highlighting the edges of the cards. The corporate folders are equally personalized with a custom-made mould.

Abacus tote bag
Abacus corporate folder
Cerro Novo Logo

Series of brochures
and forms

In Finance it is important to use subtle yet effective branding. We developed these marketing materials with a styling that would allow for them to be recognized individually, as well as a whole. The new design features white space and a colour-coded system to distinguish the different services, creating a clean look that makes the information easier to take in.

Person reading Abacus general brochure
Abacus brochures different topics
Abacus brochures different topics
Abacus general brochure spread
Single pages information brochures
Abacus digital form tablet display

E-form templates

In an ever-changing financial market, it is very important to reflect adaptability and innovation. With this in mind, we turned their paper-based forms into editable online forms & templates, creating a hassle-free simple system that saves clients valuable time and allows Abacus to easily change details.

Presentation templates
& Google display Ads

The presentation templates are tailored by Abacus to the needs of the client/account with the services they would require, attracting notable clients.The Google Ad campaigns were developed to display brief advertisements and videos, promoting Abacus´s services to web users, on several different search engines.

Google display ads different campaigns
Google display adsAbacus Linkedin posts

Social media
campaigns and branding

A strong social media presence is important for a company to increase their brand exposure, generate new leads, and develop business partnerships. We created campaigns based on vector elements, photography and their signature orange colour as an extension of the brand, to increase focus, targeting and lead conversion.

Social media branding application

Website design

After analysing their former website, we decided to take a more client-centric approach by simplifying the design, with the addition of white space, and creating a more intuitive layout. We also adapted the written content from the third person to the first. This inclusive wording makes clients feel the information is directed to them personally, thus generating more contact requests.

Abacus website homepage in desktop and mobile