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Brand identity
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This established family-owned business wanted to gain even more recognition for quality and service in the real estate sector. We recommended a change in branding, as we felt their current brand was fragile and not user-friendly for all print and digital formats.


We re-designed their logo to strengthen their brand. This was accomplished by creating a monochrome logo with subtle hints of personality and market reflections. This visual identity change has made them a solid reference in Portugal´s real estate market.

Logo re-design

The original logo featured an old-school typeface – Bodoni – which made it classy but outdated. They used several variations in style and colours, which made it feel“washed-out” and didn´t allow for good brand recognition. The green colour in the logo would also sometimes clash with the images of the properties.

Ins old logo

The previous logo featured a long, thin and sharp “sword” graphic, which could be interpreted as aggressive.

INS line transformation

We altered this to feature a shorter and stronger graphic. The now-trimmed corners suggest architecture and property.

INS font transformation

Their branded business logo is now bolder and cleaner, featuring a more modern typeface, reflecting establishment and trust.

We drew inspiration from INS´s slogan and incorporated space between the joints, suggesting “local” knowledge and “global” reach. The classy serif font appeals to the older client target group.

Logo "N" explanation

The modern clean font appeals to the younger/millennials client target group. The icon now has a better usage ability on the many new marketing touch points in the digital world.

INS graphic pattern
INS new logoCerro Novo Logo
INS stationary
INS stationaryINS business card effectINS business cards

Brochure series

We created a series of brochures that can be easily distinguished by the consultants as well as the clients through the colour-coding and font size of the titles. The secondary titles were designed to cause a reading after-effect on information about locations, properties and services.

INS general brochureINS Renting brochureINS buying brochureINS Fine properties BrochuresINS Selling brochure
INS stationary
Spread of the INS Fine Properties brochure

E-mail marketing

The templates and styles created were intended for the different topics that INS planned to communicate to their database. These topics ranged from lifestyle newsletters to property highlights and even local news features.

INS general email newsletter
Golf template email newsletter

Social media templates

Social media outlets are extremely visual, and the viewers have an infinite amount of information to scroll through on a daily basis. With this in mind, we kept the styling clean and simple, allowing the quality of the photography to reflect the service and calibre of the properties they are promoting.

INS instagram feed
Instagram property post example
Instagram feed templates

Property posts, themes,
holidays and campaigns

The special themed property posts complement the newsletters, where INS can promote more than one property in each post, with a common element between them. We also designed special posts for holidays which were a combination of graphic sand pictures.

Office signage

The signage was designed to be sleek and modern, using their signature pattern. This pattern is based on the N of their logo and we used it to decorate the bottom of the windows in mirrored vinyl. Themed windows were created for both the Fine Properties and the standard INS Properties.

INS office front Estoril
INS Estoril office back
INS Estoril office back

Specific marketing for
exclusive developments

INS aimed to substantially grow their development portfolio. We helped them with this goal by creating strong visual marketing materials, which are unique to each development, but still maintain the company’s visual identity.
From digital presentations and google adverts, to printed teasers, INS presents their portfolio in a way that not only makes it stand out, but also impresses the developers and instills them with the trust in representing their product.

Mobile presentation for Saboia development
INS Nomade brochure openINS Nomade brochures
INS Nomade brochure
Google Ads campaign for OmbriaGoogle Ads campaign for OmbriaGoogle Ads campaign for OmbriaGoogle Ads campaign for Ombria
Google Ads campaign for OmbriaGoogle Ads campaign for OmbriaGoogle Ads campaign for OmbriaGoogle Ads campaign for Ombria

Website re-design

INS's website was in need of a “face-lift”, however, they already worked with a well-known real estate software development company. We re-designed the website in such a way that they were able to replicate our design suggestions with their own software, resulting in a more unique look and feel.

INS homepage
INS homepage mobile