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In The Pink is an art gallery in the historic centre of Loulé, dedicated exclusively to fine art photography by national and international artists. The client asked us to create the brand identity for their international Photo Gallery, which features novelty exhibitions. They aimed to be at the centre of photo art in the Algarve, playing a key role in Portugal’s creative and cultural landscape.


Art galleries in the Algarve are scarce and there wasn’t a gallery specialising in fine photo art in Portugal. Given the exclusivity of this artform, the branding strategy was targeted to a niche Portuguese market as well as high-end international buyers, through exhibitions, events, social media and local advertising.

The pink landmark

The historic building was carefully renovated into a Pink Palacete, preserving the original infrastructure and colours.
As the client desired a classy and charming title that referenced the historic pink building, widely recognized in Loulé, naming the Gallery "In The Pink" seemed only natural.

In the pink building at dusk

Logo & icon design

The logo font was completely customized to represent the different formats and concepts used in photography. The letters are displayed with a diversity of widths and lengths, associated with the organic and living feeling of art.
The icon resulted from the combination of the squares and the P, featured in the logo, to create a camera objective pattern.

Logo inspiration pictura/frames sizes

Picture sizes

Logo inspiration photography principles

Photopgraphy principles

In the pink (phrase)

is an informal expression meaning the peak of health or an optimal state.

In the pink logo
In the pink corporate folder
In the pink corporate folder openIn the pink corporate folder

Distinctive stationery

Custom-designed and printed stationery is a great boost to a business’s identity, transpiring distinction and professionalism.
We created perfectly complemented corporate folders and business cards featuring the signature pink, which stands out on the matte black paper, with varnish finishes.

In the pink notebook sheet
In the pink business cardsIn the pink corporate foldersIn the pink corporate folder open

Signage made with
an eye for detail

The Gallery´s exterior signage was created with a natural aesthetic to preserve the rustic charm of the building. This was accomplished by producing the signage with Corten steel, an innovative and sustainable material, with a contemporary look.
The custom-made plaque and lightbox on the building’s façade contain the logo, carefully cut out in steel, where the vibrant lights shine through the lettering.

In the Pink building exterior signage
In the pink building at night
In the Pink gallery ground floor
In the pink ground floor
In the pink gallery third floor
In the pink gallery second floor
In the pink gallery third floor
In the pink gallery third floor
In the pink building in a sunny day

Opening invitation
and awareness campaign

For the Gallery´s inaugural exhibition entitled “Fashion”, we designed elaborate invites, consisting of 3 cards, featuring a photo by each artist, and a personal message from the owners, all wrapped in a custom banderol, sticker and envelope.
We created an awareness campaign to promote the exhibition. This included 3 eye-catching billboards and a double-page advert in Essential magazine.

Cerro Novo Logo
Cerro Novo Logo
Cerro Novo Logo