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QP Property
Guide 2022

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QP Savills


Real Estate

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Concept Creation


We have been working closely with QP Savills to create annual publications, known as the “QP Guides”, since 2018. These guides followed a concept based on"an eye on the market", where each publication was inspired by a distinctive animal with an eye-catching look. In 2022, our client decided to explore a different approach to the yearly guide and asked us to present them with new ideas.


We decided to develop a new concept featuring a more minimalistic styling and a modern elegance, through fine-textured papers, intricate finishings and a vibrant colour palette. The overall approach to the guides themselves was also changed, as we created a more factual book with the information related to the market report, and another book to update throughout the year with property listings.

A divided

It was important to create a concept with a styling that linked the Property Handbook to the Property Portfolio, however, we also wanted to differentiate them through colour and finishing to make them stand out individually.

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Property Handbook

Property Handbook

QP SAvills property handbook intro spread

Creative infographics

Infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data, or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly. QP Savills expressed they wanted us to include graphics that would be both visually appealing and informative. The styling allowed for the information provided to transpire a sense of evolution and synergy between the content displayed.

A series to be

A new Property Portfolio will be published at least twice a year, to keep clients up to date with the latest listings. The series will maintain its visual identity according to the season in which it is released, by using the fresh bright green colour for summer editions and the deep blue for winter ones.