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Wyndham Grand Algarve


Real Estate

Project scope

Brand strategy
Marketing Campaign


This client already had an active campaign running when they approached us. Their aim was to sell branded residences within a hotel in Quinta do Lago, however the campaign was promoting the idea of hotel living rather than the location and apartments. The task was to redirect their marketing strategy to emphasize the product and premium location, as well as aim to meet their sales goals.  


The first marketing campaign we developed differed from the clients previous initiatives, ensuring a fresh product and a wider awareness of the Wyndham Grand Algarve residences. The marketing was directed to promote the full product as a real estate investment within a prime location and to appeal to many different target markets.

The concept

We created a “living” brand by using the concept “Your Place” throughout all media channels. The slogan is highly adaptable and combined with “Own” and “Invest”, it defines the apartments as a clear real estate product. The dynamic and direct approach reflects a verstile product and timeless investment, adapted to multiple types of buyer personas with different lifestyles and tastes.

The product is the investment:
The investment full package

The places you get:
Quinta do Lago
Wyndham Grand


When developing the slogan, we started with “YOUR”. We chose this word to make all forms of communication approachable, personal and trustworthy. Due to its call-to-action nature, it is also highly engaging and compelling, appealing to various target groups.


Since the client wanted to promote the residences and their location we added “PLACE” to the concept. This word is also very adaptable as it applies to the apartments, the amenities, Quinta do Lago resort, the Algarve, Portugal and on a wider scale the world itself.

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Local awareness

This was an unexplored marketing tool before our campaign was launched. Potential clients were made aware of Wyndham Grand Algarve as a real estate investment through local advertising through adverts, billboards and events. Once the buzz was generated that a new product was on the market, we soon started to notice the increase in enquiries.

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Adverts & collaterals

The adverts were designed with a big title in the middle to initially draw readers in, with the image being the second focus of view, below it. Once the viewers curiosity is piqued, it then takes them back to the top of the advert to read the body text. This unconventional layout intrigues the reader, making it less likely they will simply pass to the next page of the magazine or newspaper.

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Unveiling a masterpiece of graphic design, our brochures brilliantly capture the essence of luxury apartments for sale within a five-star hotel. Through meticulously chosen palettes, fonts, and layouts, we bring to life an immersive experience of the opulent lifestyle on offer.
Every fold and texture echoes sophistication, offering a visual journey as exquisite as the living spaces themselves.

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Social Media

The dynamic social media campaign focused on promoting the array of benefits residence owners have privileged access to within the hotel as well as the surrounding area, reaching different target groups. Through a strong presence, captivating visuals and engaging content, we posted stories and featured reels that define these extraordinary residences.

International reach

Wyndham Grand Algarve is part of the largest hotel chain in the world, set within a internationally populated resort, which allowed us to direct our marketing efforts to a wider audience of potential buyers.

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Media and events
production management

We organised and managed various events such as a Charity Art Exhibition, Golf Tournaments, and more, handling every aspect of production with precision and expertise. From conceptualisation to execution, our team ensured that the events reflected the client's vision and objectives. We curated a memorable event, leaving our client delighted with the brand identity seamlessly integrated in every detail.

Website Re-design

We re-designed the website, introducing a fresh and modern design that enhances user experience. The new, user-friendly interface ensures seamless navigation, balancing aesthetic appeal with functionality. Our commitment to dynamic updates keeps the site constantly evolving, providing visitors with the latest offers and information. The result: a visually engaging online platform that invites users to find out more about the five-star apartments in one of the most prestigious resorts in Europe.