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Brand Identity


The developer contacted us requesting a re-design of their investment brochure. We explained that they would be better served to start with a rebrand. Even though there was a meaning behind their logo, the abstract approach transmitted confusion, and as an investment company, “confusion” is the last thing you want to reflect.


By creating a new icon and customizing the typeface, Mespil’s brand now reflects establishment, security, investment growth, trust, and innovation. For their brand identity, we used a neutral colour palette, allowing their investment portfolio to stand out. The gold was used as a highlight, attracting their target market of high-net-worth companies and individuals.

Previous logo

Establishing new roots

Mespil’s previous logo icon was illustrating the Mespilus Medlar tree combined with architecture. We found it rather confusing and solved it by simplifying the graphic and making it easier to decipher, as well as adding new associations to the icon.

To maintain brand recognition we kept the logo typeface but made it bolder and reduced the spacing between the letters, transpiring a well-deserved establishment and strength as an investment company that acquires and sells quality developments across the continent.

Cerro Novo Logo
Mespil business cards
Mespil pattern
Mespil logo icon
General brochure cover

Developing the ultimate collection

Brand consistency is key to expanding a company’s visibility. We developed a series of brochures in both print and digital format that covered a range of investment topics from exclusive development opportunities to vital information on purchasing property in Portugal.

Pine hills brochures spread
Mespil digital bropchure
General brochure


Mespil aims to get international recognition for their developments. In 2019, we were asked to create their submissions for the International Property Awards judging panel, for which we created 7 different projects in the form of luxury books. Mespil won the highest award in all categories.

Mespil property awards prize
Mespil property awards submission
Mespil property awards submission book spread
Mespil property awards submission book spread
Mespil property awards submission book spread
Mespil property awards submission book spread
Mespil property awards submission book spread