Quinta Danae designed bottle packaging

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Quinta Danaé


Food & Beverage

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Brand Identity
Packaging & Product Design


Quinta Danaé was created out of a passion for Portugal and Japan. They required a brand that not only reflected the traditional, rustic Portuguese culture, but that would also be attractive to the Japanese, as their main goal is to promote their olive oil to this market. They requested a memorable brand that transpired purpose and meaning.


The brand development was based on the golden olive oil colour, highlighted through the luxury feel of the black and white background. The custom icon was designed around the D for Danaé (named after the clients’ granddaughter), the Japanese Enso and the olive itself, making it a recognizable symbol for the family-run business.

Quinta Danae logo inverted
Quinta Danae logo
Quinta danaé falling business cards
Quinta Danae sustainable production seal

Sustainable production

Quinta Danaé is strongly guided by the ethos of sustainable production, embracing quality over quantity, to achieve an organic olive oil that is produced to the highest standards, all while respecting the environment. Given the important role sustainability plays in their business, we developed a complementary logo that embodies these practices.

The logo represents their sustainable production through a depiction of the regions landscape with several sustainable elements within Portugal´s shield. It features an olive tree growing above chemical free land and wind turbines, a powerful renewable energy source, on the distant hills.

Sustainable production seal explanation - Windmills of messines symbol of ECO

Wind turbines
Sustainable & Ecologic

Sustainable production seal explanation - Olive tree

Olive tree

Sustainable production seal explanation - fertile cultivated land free of pesticides

Fertile cultivated
Land free from pesticides

Sustainable production seal explanation - shield of Portugal and quality

Portugal shield
Quality & Tradition

Quinta Danae designed bottle packagingQuinta Danae designed bottle packaging
Quinta Danae logo icon

Luxury in a bottle

We created a bottle design that not only stays true to the rustic uniformity of their brand, but that also reflects the high quality of their product, by using premium white matt sleeves and gold hot foil luxury finishes. The concept embraces the Japanese culture, with the description being displayed vertically down the centre and the font for the descriptor was specially selected for its' similar characteristics to olive oil.

Homepage detail in mobile
Quinta Danae website in laptop

Website design
& development

When scrolling through a website you want eye-catching soft animations that draw your attention to the information provided. The website was developed to promote what makes Quinta Danaé special – their organic olive oil produced with sustainable practices. The homepage includes all the important topics of the essence of their business: the benefits, the olive oil, the farm and the history behind the brand.

Quinta Danae website homepage